MARI Extension Pack 6

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About MARI Extension Pack (for Mari 6.x, 7.x and above)

MARI Extension Pack is the industry standard plugin for MARI.
With more than 10 years of history and being used in all major VFX houses around the world.

Key Features include:

  • 100s of new Features and Improvements, including Tools (172x) and new Nodes (200+)
  • Substance Style Smart Masks
  • Substance Style Pattern Generation
  • Material Templates
  • Node Templates (580+)
  • Grunge Texture Library
  • Marking Menus and Hotboxes
  • Workflow enhancements for managing layers, channels and projects
  • many Nodegraph Quality of Life Improvements
  • Complete Online Help (optionally offline) & hours of free Tutorials
  • Regular free Feature Updates within the 6-Series
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  • No Subscription, Perpetual Licenses only

Extension Pack 6 Highlights

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  • Mari 6 and 7 compatible
  • Houdini Style Nodegraph workflows with Quickmarks, Image Annotations, easy Node Layout etc.
  • Node Colorization
  • many Nodegraph Quality of Life improvements e.g.
    • Improved Node Inserting on existing Lines
    • Select closest to cursor
    • Quick Connect
  • New nodes such as Houdnini's Alligator Noise, Circular Pattern Generator, PBR Validation etc.
  • Blend Mode Node Library
  • Mask Ports on Adjustment Nodes
  • Layout Manager and VIewport Background Themes
  • 3D Scan Projection Wizard
  • and much more ...

Upgrading from Version 5 to Version 6

Extension Pack 5 Customers should have received an Upgrade discount via email with the subject

  • "MARI Extension Pack 6 - Upgrade Information".

If you did not receive an email


  • for Mari 6, minimum Mari 6.0.v1
  • for Mari 7, minimum Mari 7.0.v1
  • If you are using Mari 4.x or Mari 5.x, purchasing Extension Pack 6 gives you access to previous, compatible versions
  • Non-Commerical Mari versions are not supported

Used by dozens of the best Studios around the world

Extension Pack is  in use in dozens of studios around the world. Customers include:

Licenses & EULA


The full license agreement can be reviewed here

Indie License

The Indie License is suitable for individual users with an annual revenue of less than 90.000 Euros (~99.000 USD). It can be used commercially by a single user.

Freelance License

Freelance Licenses are useful for freelancers and small businesses with a Revenue between 90.000 Euros (~99.000 USD) and 1 Million Euros..

You can purchase multiple licenses for the amount of artists you have at your company

Small Business License Bundle

The Small Business Bundle is a Bundle of 10 Licenses suitable for small Studios with a maximum Revenue of up to 7 Million EUR

Local Site License

Site Licenses are for big studios with multiple artists. They allow for an unlimited amount of artists to use Extension Pack within one geographical location of your studio. A site license is valid for all machines within a city. As long as the machines hosting the application are within the same city or are part of an AWS or AZURE cluster, remote access is covered.

If you have multiple studios in different locations you will be required to purchase one site license per studio location or use one of the Site License Bundles

Local Site License Bundles (5x / 8x)

Site Licenses Bundles are for big studios with multiple Studio Sites (e.g. in different countries). Each item within the site license bundle can be used on machines within a single CIty. As long as the machines hosting the application are within the same city or are part of an AWS or AZURE cluster, remote access is covered.

All Site Licenses within the Bundle are covered by the same License Key.

Educational Site Licenses

Educational Site Licenses contain unlimited licenses usable for a University, College or School Campus.

Remote usage is acceptable as long as the application is hosted locally on campus. Please contact me for further information and discuss particular license needs

Custom Licenses

If you are a company or university with specific license needs that you feel is not covered here, please contact me 

Trial Licenses

Trial licenses can be given to companies. Please contact me for more information


What Downloads you get

  • Old Versions supporting Mari 4 and Mari 5 (5 R9v9)

VAT & Checkout

Gumroad processes all transactions in United States Dollars. That means your items are displayed in EUR, but ultimately you are charged the equivalent cost in USD. Gumroad uses real-time exchange rates to convert purchases to USD for processing.
On checkout VAT may be added to the fee automatically as required by EU Law.

If you are exempt from VAT you can refund it yourself here.
Alternatively you can enter a valid VAT Number of checkout and you won't be charged.

Get in touch & Stay Informed

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  • Will I receive free updates if I purchase ? 
    Updates released for Mari Extension Pack 6.x within the Series-6 are free.
    For reference Users of the previous Version (Extension Pack 5) have received 10 free upgrades (R2, R3 etc.)
  • I own Mari Extension Pack 5, is Extension Pack 6 a free upgrade ?
    Extension Pack 5 Customers can upgrade to Mari Extension Pack 6 for an upgrade fee.
    You will have received a discount code via email you can use to access a reduction.

    After upgrading to Extension Pack 6, all updates released in the coming years within the Series-6 are free.
  • Is there any Subscription involved with Extension Pack ?
    No. Extension Pack 6 is sold as perpetual licenses. You buy it, you own it. Forever.
  • Do I need internet connection to run Extension Pack
    In general Extension Pack requires an internet connection however that requirement can be waived for companies (only companies). Please contact me after purchase and I can deactivate the requirement if you qualify.
  • Will my old projects work if I upgrade EP Versions ? 
    If you have been using Extension Pack Nodes in your Projects you will see a 'Convert Project' Dialog on Project Launch. It is recommended to press 'Convert' in order to upgrade used nodes to the latest version
  • I have already purchased but want to upgrade my license to another one
    Please contact me and I will email you upgrade instructions so your already paid amount is fully offset from the Pro License
  • I am not required to pay VAT
    If you have a valid VAT Number you can enter it on checkout and you won't be charged VAT
  • Do you offer trial licenses ? 
    Yes, trial licenses can be given to Companies (only companies). Please contact me directly
  • Does Extension Pack 6 support Mari 6.x and 7.x ?
    Yes. Extension Pack 6 supports Mari 6 and the upcoming Mari 7 fully.
  • Does Extension Pack 6 support Mari 4 or 5.x ?
    Extension Pack 6 requires Mari 6 or above.
    Included in your purchase is Mari Extension Pack 5R9, which is compatible with Mari 4 and Mari 5.
  • I can't find my free upgrade download
    Please note Extension Pack 6 is not a free upgrade for Extension Pack 5 customers

    Extension Pack releases regular free feature updates within a Version Series.
    When a free upgrade is released, you will receive an email.
    At the very bottom at the email it will state 'You received this email because you purchased 'Mari Extension Pack'. Click on that link, which will take you straight to your purchase.
    Any link from any upgrade including the original purchase email will take you straight to the download page containing all the latest.
    If you are logged into your gumroad account you can also access the main Extension Pack Gumroad page and you will find the 'View Content' Button on the right hand side.
    And finally the purchased Product will be available in the Gumroad Library Tab on the left, when logged into your gumroad account

    For more information click here.

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DIgital products are non-refundable

In general any Digital Product sold here is not refundable.

General Notes:

- Do not unsubscribe from emails. Extension Pack receives regular Updates and unsubscribing will cause you to no longer receive them
- Please keep the original sales email, since it will allow you to access your software download (including free updates).
- If you are exempt from VAT, you can refund VAT here:

Last updated Jul 31, 2023


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MARI Extension Pack 6

47 ratings
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